Wednesday, January 6, 2016

zen what? What is a zentangle?

So I am searching all these "new" Zentangles in that I can possibly find.  Should I conform to this and add it to my works of art?

As an artist, I see something new and think should I add this to my works of art?  Should I subtract other items to make sure this works better?  What to do as an artist?

Ask others right?

Size and scale and so much to do with Zentangles.  When I think of a Zentangle design I think of a tiny little scale.  Should I make them bigger and would this make them appear less complex?

Feel free to answer....

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Soaking up the sun in art- papermaking the poems of haiku

Oh papermaking where my time consists of paper drying in the outdoors.
The process of the bath...
soaking into the mould and deckle.
oh sun dry the paper outdoors.
Wind help but don't overly help.
I need my paper to stay not fly away.....
Thank you earth for making my paper process fly by. (figuratively of coarse)
Literally thank you bee for flying and smelling the daisy in-bedded into the paper..

Now what shall I do...

I know...

Love me some paper. 
What shall I do
 a book
a card
how about a 3d object.
Love me some paper.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gelli Print on an eraser board

This is mixed media: Acrylic paint, paper, monoprint, water based sealer, satin finish, 8.5x11 dry erase board

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

now on

I have decided to go onto the www  and add myself to  I am listed there as artbyheatherlynn as well.  I believe this site is very useful to all that are artists.  Please check it out.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finding myself in paper!

I am an artist and a craftsman in many areas.  I enjoy arts and crafts (in no particular order) photography, painting, woodworking, web development, drawing, sketching, papermaking, the list goes on…  I do pretty much everything but knit and crochet.
In the area of papermaking people ask me all the time questions that I think I would like to share with others as a form of education?  Is there glue involved with making paper?  The answer is no.  To make paper one needs a screen and deckle, Hollander beater, cotton linter, water, press, and additives if color or other essences would like to be in the paper.  So onto other questions about papermaking doesn’t everyone know how to make paper?  No to make paper by hand it is a timely process and involves both an art and craft side to be able to pull it off.  The best question anyone can ask me is how much?  How much do you sell your paper for?  It depends on the size of paper, if there is flaw or not in the paper.  So my prices are quiet reasonable at five to ten dollars for a sheet of homemade 100 percent USA made paper.  What can anyone purchase that is made in the USA now days for that reasonable price?  There is not much!  So who buys my paper?  Other artists that do not know how or want to make their own paper all the way down to the lady down the block wanting to do scrapbooking with my paper.  The deckle edge and scrap bookers go nuts over the paper.  I can make and bind my paper to make a book as well if need be for others.  Book binding is more, it depends upon the amount of pages and what the consumer would like to use as the binding method.   
As I do not use big heavy equipment people wonder how do you make paper outdoors in your little studio.  Will sorry my studio is off limits to the general public.  Keep in mind I do make paper in front of my child and husband and I believe they would know how I make it.  I am a private artist in a sense that once my artwork is ready one can see it.  I am married but I define myself more as being a parent and a mother.  I do not consider myself a homemaker (perhaps it’s my feminist point of view).  I am a parent, an artist and a student.  Yes in that order!
Recently I had two paintings displayed at the Gordon Park’s Gallery.  I have had my photography also featured in the Haute Dish.  I am very proud to be on page seventeen of a magazine which one can also view online by going to www. in the summer 2012 volume 8 Issue 2.
I dislike not knowing what is going to happen.  I do not care for surprises.  I like to be able to know what to do in certain situations before they happen.  There are many events in my own life I would change if I could…  Unfortunately I cannot change my past I can only rely that my future will hold bigger and brighter agendas. 
In the summer I love wearing sundresses; hair tied up in a tony tail and if you are lucky will see my paper hanging off of my home drying in the breeze in the natural elements.
I dislike flowers and for some reason people do not understand my distaste for them.  I would rather grow in my garden lettuce that I can eat than a flower that will make me sneeze.  I have indoor plants for air quality purposes that do not cause me to have sneezing attacks.  I am happy I have no carpeting in my main living areas however my basement is carpeted.  If money was not an issue I would put in a heated floor in my basement and get rid of the carpeting tomorrow.  That is how much I dislike carpeting. 
I recycle more than I throw away.  I use found objects as well for my works of art.  I try to make my artwork as free and clear to allergies as possible.  I have been offered commissions to make paper with roses and dead flowers.  I turn people down on this all the time.  First of all I will sneeze from the flowers and they will not last long and the paper will not look nice in a few years.  I have actually given a business that has sold dead flowers on homemade paper to consumers.
I am a cancer and my feelings can be hurt easily but I am not afraid to talk to strangers and ask if they want artwork in their business or perhaps a website if they do not already have a website for personal or business reasons. 
I dislike being critiqued as a Georgia O’Keefe style painting and or drawing.  I feel as if I am an original.   My favorite artist is a male Vincent Van Gogh.  I am proud to state I have been overseas and have visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.  I would live in that museum if they would allow me too.  I love art and art feeds my soul! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Adventure with my Art including others!

I have decided to take the world digital and to do this I have decided to use a mixture of what I call "homemade paper books" and scan the fronts and backs of them.  I am giving each a number and what people can do when they buy them is post pictures of what they put in there homemade paper books.  Each book will have a serious of random numbers (example where an ISBN number would be on a regular book is where you can find this number.)  I want to see how well people use the internet and post what they put into there books.  I am a bit curious!  If you are interested in purchasing one of these homemade paper books from me please feel free to contact me!
Thanks and have fun!